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I have been with Century 21 Absolute Realty for over 21 years. The quality of leadership, the honesty, the caring and the help from Brokers and staff has never wavered in all those years. The agents I have come to know over the years are helpfulp and friendy. 
No mentor fees here. They will help you by going on appointmemnts with you, help you with Open Houses and even help you get to the next level of income by providing training and programs such as  lead gernation, to help you boost your income. I take home more money as there are no monthly fees or charges to my charge card like some places. No matter how well I do, there are no monthly charges I need worry about.
When I receive a lead from the company, I don't have to pay any referral fees to the company. We also have added opportunity with the Cartus Relocation business that we are a part of. So many reason I stay with C21 Absolute Realty, but the best reason is because I am happy here.
Come be a part of our TEAM, you will love it here.

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